Friday, May 30, 2014


Following up on his massive 'CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?' EP and his outstanding offerings included in the recent 'TELLURIC ACTIVITY VOLUME 2' compilation, UK-based producer FURNEY returns to the TELLURIC stable with a fresh set of tunes titled 'THE GREENPOINT' EP.

Staying true to the TELLURIC vibe, FURNEY delivers a set of diverse tracks that showcase the deeper, more mystical side of the DRUM+BASS realm. Rooted by sheer musicality and a penchant for obscure samples, 'THE GREENPOINT' EP launches the listener on a musical journey through a collection of four stellar tracks. From the infectious opener "YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE IN ME," to the funk-fueled "SLEEPING GIANT," onto the brooding "VERY DEEP," and finally reaching the infectiously rolling "YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN," FURNEY expertly crafts an EP aimed directly at the dance floor.

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*You can check out clips of all the tracks here.....

We here at TELLURIC RECORDINGS are excited to deliver this great EP to the world and also look forward to bringing you more fresh sounds and new artists in the coming months. Thanks for the support!

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