Saturday, March 1, 2014

'TELLURIC ACTIVITY Volume 2' compiled by PLACE 42

March 2014 welcomes the return of the second installment of the popular 'TELLURIC ACTIVITY' series. Featuring ten fresh cuts from many of the label's finest artists, for this installment, it's presented in both an unmixed, DJ-friendly format, as well as complemented by a FREE MIX, spotlighting all the tracks, tastefully blended by label head PLACE 42 and available direct from our SOUNDCLOUD Page.

From the mystical opening sounds of BLADE's "REALMS OF YOU," to the anthemic rise of STUNNA and PLACE 42's "SOULCATCHER," 'TELLURIC ACTIVITY VOLUME 2' is an enthralling document of refined and deep modern DRUM+BASS music. Shining moments from stellar producers FURNEY, ARP-1, KASPER, DEEPER CONNECTION, and SCOTT ALLEN are all highlighted in this compilation, carefully curated by PLACE 42, who also, over the past few years, has overseen a growing number of label showcases under the 'TELLURIC ACTIVITY' moniker in nightclubs worldwide.

We're pleased and excited to present 'TELLURIC ACTIVITY VOLUME 2' and look forward to unveiling many new projects and releases in 2014 and beyond. Enjoy!

Release date: March 3, 2014
Exclusively from:

To listen to clips of all ten tracks from the 'TELLURIC ACTIVITY VOLUME 2' compilation, head on over to our SOUNDCLOUD Page, and you can also download/stream the FREE MIX which includes all the cuts blended by PLACE 42 .......

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