Friday, July 5, 2013


Summer 2013 sees yet another album project delivered courtesy of the TELLURIC crew: UK-based artist BLADE returns to follow-up his 2010 long-player 'MOMENTS THAT CHANGE US' with a brand-new collection of groundbreaking tracks in form of 'FUTURISTIC ROCK 'N' ROLL' [TELLP05].

From the opening notes of "SHE AIN'T GONNA BE YOU" to the epic revisiting of his seminal "VEGAS," BLADE takes the listener on a winding journey through driving grooves, deep atmospherics, and energetic dancefloor numbers throughout the span of the album. Raising the production bar a notch higher since his his inaugural TELLURIC LP, 'FUTURISTIC ROCK 'N' ROLL' showcases BLADE's penchant and understanding of the sublime groove and its emotional impact on both listener and dancer alike. With eleven finely-crafted tracks covering the sounds of classic atmospheric vibes to AMEN-propelled rollers, 'FUTURISTIC ROCK 'N' ROLL' has a bit of something special for all fans of deep DRUM+BASS music. We here at TELLURIC are excited and proud to bring you this fine document of modern DRUM+BASS with all the soul, emotion and depth you've come to expect with all our releases. Enjoy!!

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