Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ARP-1 'ROAD TO DAYLIGHT' EP - Now Available!

As we move deeper into 2013, we welcome yet another burgeoning talent to the TELLURIC family of artists: ARP-1. Originally hailing from MADRID, ARP-1 (aka DAVID PRADERA) is now based in LONDON and has been busying himself crafting his own brand of refined, soulful, atmospheric DRUM & BASS as well as running his own BLACK REFLECTIONS imprint. As his debut offering to the TELLURIC label, ARP-1 presents his 'ROAD TO DAYLIGHT' EP which includes four polished slices of funk. Three deep solo cuts ('ROAD TO DAYLIGHT,' 'VIRGO,' 'AFRICAN CALL') are joined by a fourth track, 'SPANISH HARLEM,' a collaborative piece written with UK-based producer DYNAMIC. We're proud to release this stellar EP of dancefloor funk and we hope you'll enjoy it, too!

*To PURCHASE this release, head over to the TELLURIC WEBSTORE where you'll find this release: 'ROAD TO DAYLIGHT' EP, as well as recent offerings from the likes of PAUL SG + JAY ROME, FURNEY, SCOTT ALLEN, and many more.

**To LISTEN to previews of the 'ROAD TO DAYLIGHT' EP, check out our Soundcloud clips.......

Many thanks for the ongoing support of the label and our WEBSTORE (which is the only official online outlet to purchase TELLURIC products), and we'll have more info on releases soon!

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