Friday, April 22, 2011

MR JOSEPH - Debut LP Vinyl Sampler Hits Shops

It's with great pleasure that we here at TELLURIC RECORDINGS announce the imminent release of the debut long player 'WHAT A LOVELY TIME IT WAS' from UK-based phenomenon MR. JOSEPH in the form of a very special album sampler featuring two stand-out tracks from this landmark project....

Launching the goods from the LP with the pristine production of "COMING HOME," we're treated with an uplifting, musically-refined offering and mesmerizing vibe that truly encapsulates the TELLURIC sound:

Flipping the wax over to "HOW LONG," we go even further into deep, mystical territories with another slice of funk that sets the mood perfectly for another rewarding journey for both the listener and the dancer:

Garnering global support from DRUM+BASS legends LTJ BUKEM (Good Looking Records), FABIO (Creative Source/Radio 1), and BAILEY (Metalheadz/Radio 1Xtra), rising star MR. JOSEPH's induction into the TELLURIC family is welcomed and lauded as we take the imprint into the next phase of artist and musical development.

Stay tuned for news of the impending full-length album and more new, exciting releases from the label!

***** You can find this vinyl sampler available for purchase at the NU-URBAN record shop:

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